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About Us

Adzo Designs - A multi-faceted company

Welcome to the prestigious fashion jewellers where since 2005 we have been turning your jewellery dreams into a reality. Each day your jewellery vision is exclusively designed and handcrafted into a luxurious piece of jewellery set to accentuate your natural beauty. Founded on being 'alive', the Adzo concept is based on the belief that a piece of jewellery reflects your individuality and is therefore reminiscent of the colours and the textiles which one experiences in their pattern of life. Each day our mission is to we positively create to suit the needs of your individual look to accentuate your beauty. We aim to capture the dynamics, vibrancy and style you display through our desirable bespoke service.

All pieces are ethically handcrafted in line with our Platinum standard (for more information contact us) and in due respect to our natural environment we also offer The Définitivement' service where you have the option to conserve and renew your existing jewellery pieces by having them expertly re-designed or restored to brilliance.

Adzo Designs will accentuate natural beauty.